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Compare multiple currencies on a single chart or in 3D!

For more instructions on this section go to the Multiple Currency Comparison Tutorial section.

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Bollinger Bands® Forex Multiple Currency Comparison:

The multiple currency comparison application compares percentage changes of different forex currencies to one common reference. The reference can be another currency or a commodity.

Compare multiple forex currencies relative to a common base in an interactive dynamic chart or in an innovative three dimensional space.
  • The 2D chart offers dynamic trackers, the ability to drag the chart in time, and zoom in and out with your mouse.
  • The 3D model allows for rotation along different axes, zooming in and out, and moving the model up, down, right and left. A smaller 2D chart is also displayed in parallel for comparison.
To get started, pick a reference, select your currencies, choose a color for each currency, indicate the 2D and 3D option and click on Plot. You can study the historic change of currency pricing using player controller to speed up and slow down the motion and the span of the time window in motion.

Our patent pending 3D application is a revolutionary way to evaluate currencies!

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