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In his book “Bollinger on Bollinger Bands” and supplemental work, John Bollinger presents four trading methods based on Bollinger Bands. Two of these trading systems (method 1 & 4) have been implemented for forex data. The other two methods (2 & 3) have not been adapted yet because they require volume data. We screen streaming forex data for the two methods appropriate for the forex market every minute and list the signals for all the possible forex pairs in our database for the various time periods.

To view the prescreened signals, go to the "Lists" section. You can check the matches for the various time periods/bar lengths and pairs that you are interested in. The lists are constantly refreshed with new results and you can view a recent history of the results. If you find the real time refreshes disrupting, they can easily be turned off by toggling the “Real Time Quotes” option on the upper left corner of the screen.

An extremely useful feature, especially for smooth monitoring without the need to constantly stare at the screen, are the alert beeps which sound whenever a new signal occurs. There are 4 different lists one can see at each moment: Volatility Breakout Buy, Volatility Breakout Sell, Confirmed Breakout Buy and Confirmed Breakout Sell. You can display one at a time by clicking the corresponding box in the "Criteria" table to the left of the signals list. However, an alert beep would sound whenever a signal occurs in any of those 4 criteria even when that criteria is not currently on display. Thus, users can be up to date with the latest signals without the need to be transfixed to the screen. Alert beeps can be turned off by unchecking the corresponding option on the top left side of the screen.

The two methods screened for are the "Volatility Breakout" and "Confirmed Breakout". You can select the settings for the screening by number of look-back periods, sample rate, method 1 or 4, specific symbol selection, screening date and portfolio symbol pairs. The Lists table displays the symbol pair and its full name, the time and date occurrence of the signal, the close, change, and change percentage from previous close, the 20 period moving average, BandWidth and %b.
  • The table can be sorted by any of these criteria and in increasing or decreasing orders by clicking the column header.
  • Click again to reverse sorting order.
  • You may also add the list of signals to your portfolio by clicking the "Save List to Portfolio" link on top of the table.
  • To print the table click the link next to it.
  • To display a Quick Chart of the symbol hover the mouse pointer over the symbol.
  • You can see the signals on the Quick Chart.
  • Display a Power Chart with signals by clicking on the symbol pair name.
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