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BBForex offers a portfolio section where you can create portfolios of forex symbol pairs. This is done via the "Manage Portfolio" option and is a neat way of assembling the pairs you watch in one place. Select the "View Portfolio" feature to view a previously saved portfolio.

Different highs and lows sampled within various time frames are presented here. These values are constantly updated. For instance, you can see the one, two and four hour highs and lows for the pair you are monitoring.

You can monitor the latest quotes for all the symbols in your portfolio on the left of the screen. The symbol in bold typeface is the selected one. The ones highlighted green indicate the last bar is an up bar. To view a symbol not within your portfolio select an option in the forex pair drop down menu above the portfolio selection list. Registered users can save the chart settings for their portfolio including the indicators to be plotted.

You can edit chart and indicator parameters for the portfolio charts by clicking on the "Edit Portfolio Settings" option in the "Portfolio Features" menu on the left. Registered users can only choose among %b and BandWidth indicators, whereas Professional subscribers can choose among the entire selection.

When a single symbol-pair chart is displayed the various chart clips can be dragged and dropped with all the features that come with our Power Charts. In addition, they also show the signals that may occur on the symbol pair's chart.

By clicking the link "Chart all forex pairs" you create a page of all the current portfolio's symbol-pair price and indicator dynamic streamed charts (full features as our Power Charts) along with their signals. The charts can also be dragged and dropped for each symbol-pair.

Go to portfolio section.

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