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What's in the Lists section?
The Lists section lists forex pairs that are exhibiting the criteria described by the 2 methods.

How do I view a list of forex pairs?
Initially, the page loads with a list of Volatility Breakout buys. You can switch to a different method, date & time, and buy/sell type by using the Methods Buy/Sell summary box on the left side. You also need to select the bar length criteria and the lookback period. You can screen results by date time and by symbol selection or by portfolio symbol pairs if you already have a portfolio created. The page results are real time so you might need to toggle the real time option off to view results without values being updated. You can save the lists to a portfolio by clicking on the "SAVE LIST TO PORTFOLIO" link.

For more instructions on this section go to the lists tutorial.

Forex Grid

What is the Forex Grid?
This section contains the real time currency conversion table. It is set to default values but you can change the column values according to your own selection by using the drop down menus. To remove a row, set the value to --- from the drop down menu. To append a row to the end, click the add row link at the bottom of the table.

For more instructions on this section go to the forex grid tutorial.


How do I select a chart?
Select a symbol from the drop down menu and click one of the two submit buttons. You can choose either the Classic Charts or the Advanced Charts. You can set various charting parameters using the drop down menus and input text boxes for either choice.

How do I view indicators?
Select as many indicators as you wish. Some indicators have parameters you can adjust; they will appear to the right of the indicator name once you click on a box or name. You will need to subscribe to BBForex Professional to access all the indicators. Registered users can only access Bollinger Band indicators: %b and BandWidth. Visitors do not have access.

How can I learn more about each indicator?
Refer to the indicator section in the chart tutorial page.

Can I save my chart settings and parameters?
Advanced Chart:
Advanced charts automatically save your latest settings without you taking any further action. If you are logged in to your account, your settings will be saved continuously on our server. These include chart settings, indicator selections and parameters, switch status (BB fill, signals, news, auto trendlines, hips/lops, etc.), TrendLines and your BBScript code. Anytime you log in to your BBForex account on any browser or machine, your last customizations will be loaded in the advanced chart.
Classic Chart:
As for classic chart, you can set your main chart page to load your preferred parameters and indicators by saving them in Chart Settings. Chart Settings looks just like the chart page; click the options and indicators you would like to set as a default and then click save. The same applies to the Portfolio Settings.

A gridline for the chart came up but there's no chart of the forex pair.
When a stock has made a giant move, the log scaling may be "off the charts". Try changing the scale to LINEAR.

How do BBForex news work?
Every time you submit a new chart. In addition to the price and indicator charts, you will see a list of links to relevant news in chronological order. You can navigate manually by clicking the headlines in the list, or you can hover your mouse over the news flags on the chart. The list will scroll up or down to the appropriate news item and highlight it. Click the news item link and you'll be redirected to the article. You have the ability to toggle this news feature on and off at the top of the news list menu.

How do I display Auto TrendLines?
Toggle the TrendLines switch next the BB Fill switch. The Channels will be calculated and displayed automatically.
For more instructions on this section go to the Auto TrendLines tutorial.

For more instructions on this section go to the charts tutorial.


How do I plot Chandelier and Parabolic Stops?
In the Advanced Chart after you are logged in, click the Indicator tab in the chart menu and then select either the "Parabolic Stop" or the "Chandelier Stop" vertical tab. Check the indicator checkbox to enable the plot and then enter the required parameters. For Chandelier Stops, entry date, trade type(long or short), m and n are required. For Parabolic Stops, entry date, trade type(long or short), AF step, and AF max are required. Click the plot button and the stop lines are drawn on the chart from the entry point specified to the exit point calculated.

How do I view or save the trade report for Chandelier and Parabolic Stops?
After you plot a stop line, under the stop indicator's options, there is a textarea which contains a report of all the trades generated. The space is limited and the font may be small. You can click the "Pop Up" button to pop up the report in an html page. You can save that page as an HTML document. If left open, the report will update seamlessly everytime the chart refreshes and the calculations are updated.

How do I plot a stop line for a single trade?
For a single trade, simply uncheck the "Always In" checkbox in the "Chandelier Stop" or "Parabolic Stop" options menu and plot the chart. Only a single trade is generated on the chart and in the trade report.

For more instructions on this section go to the Stops & Systems tutorial.


How do I enable my BBScript code to compile?
Click the BBScript tab in the chart menu. In the formula edito check the "Run Script" checkbox on top.

Where can I learn more about BBScript?
Refer to the official BBScript website:

Do you support BBScript for equities?
Yes we do. We are in the process of integrating BBScript with our charts to our equities ratings site:

Is my BBScript code saved after I close the chart?
Everytime you run the script by clicking the Plot button. The script is run and saved automatically. You can also manually save the script by clicking the "Save" button above the editor input textarea.

Can I plot signals using BBScript?
Using the plot function you can plot your signals on your indicators:
plot(x,"name","type","color",s) = creates a plot object of type ("line" or "histogram"), name of data line is "name" and color is "color" a string of 6 hex characters, a signal array s can be passed (values of 0,1,-1) where buy signals will be added on plot for values of 1 and sell signals for values of -1

Can I plot indicators in the price chart?
You can plot custom indicators on the price chart using the pchart function:
pchart(plot1,plot2,plot3,plot4,plot5,plot6,plot7,plot8,plot9,plo10) = draws all input plots on the price, up to 10 plots in one price chart can be plotted.

For more instructions on this section go to the BBScript tutorial.


How can I use the TrendLines feature?
TrendLines are only offered with the advanced charts. They are also only accessible by Professional BBForex users. For detailed instructions on how to use them, refer to the TrendLines tutorial section.

How do I create a TrendLine?
In the TrendLines menu under the news menu, select the type of indicator you wish to draw (the first 6 buttons). Then on the price chart, using the mouse, click and drag to draw the TrendLine you selected. Click the X button (8th button) to go back to Chart mode.

How do I edit a TrendLine?
In the TrendLine menu select the Edit button (7th button). Then either drag the body or the anchor point of the TrendLine you wish to edit. The TrendLine being selected will be highlighted red. For support and resistance lines or growth TrendLines, double clicking them in Edit mode will pop up their properties menus if you wish to edit them. Click the X button (8th button) to go back to Chart mode.

How do I delete a TrendLine?
In the TrendLine menu select the Edit button (7th button). Then select the TrendLine you wish to delete by clicking on it. The TrendLine being selected will be highlighted red. Click the "Delete" keyboard button and the TrendLine will be deleted. Click the X button (8th button) to go back to Chart mode.

Are my TrendLines saved after I close the chart?
Any time a TrendLine is created, edited or deleted, the resulting TrendLines are automatically saved to our server so no changes are lost. If you log back in to your account, the same TrendLines will appear. Even if you draw TrendLines on a certain currency pair's chart and then plot another currency pair with different TrendLines. When you reload the previous pair, its corresponding TrendLines will be displayed.

For more instructions on this section go to the TrendLines tutorial.

Comparative Charts

How can I compare multiple currencies on the same chart?
You have to go the Multiple Currency Comparison section in the chart page, by clicking its tab in the chart page. There you can select the reference currency and as many other currencies to compare with respect to that base currency reference. You can select the sample unit, and the colors of each price line. Click the Plot button to display the resulting chart.

How do I plot the 3D multiple currency comparison model?
This is only available for Professional BBForex users who are logged in to In the multiple currency chart page, open the application menu, and select the 3D radio button and then click the "Plot" button. The 3D model is displayed. A 2D interactive mini chart is also displayed ont he top left of the screen to reflect the 3D model's 2D relative chart.

For more instructions on this section go to the Multiple Currency Comparison tutorial.


How do I create a portfolio?
First, enter a name for your portfolio. Second, enter at least one symbol pair. If entering more than one pair, press the control button while clicking an extra option. Once you click add, the portfolio just created should appear on the right hand side.

How do I add/delete symbol pairs from my existing portfolio?
Select the existing portolio you want to modify. Click, edit. New pairs can be added by pressing control and selecting the new symbol pair in the selection menu. You may add as many as you want. To delete a symbol from your portfolio, press the symbol pair to be removed while pressing control, this will cause the symbol to be unselected. Press save.

I can't add and/or delete a symbol pair. I can't create a portfolio.
Send us an email describing the error, Portfolio Error.

How do I view my portfolio?
Initially the portfolio page loads your portfolio. If not, you will be redirected to the Manage Portfolio section. Click on the portfolio name in the portfolio section to view that portfolio. The loaded page shows the quick quotes of all pairs in that portfolio and it gives you the option to select another portfolio. You can view the chart of a symbol pair in that portfolio and some of its detailed information. You can also view all the price charts corresponding to all symbol pairs in that portfolio. You can also select a symbol pair which doesn't exist in the portfolio. The chart settings for individual symbol pairs are set in the Portfolio Settings section.

For more instructions on this section go to the portfolio tutorial.

Instruction and Tutorials

Where can I find instructions for Bollinger Bands Forex trading?
For guidelines using Bollinger Bands for forex trading, go to the Guidelines section.
For more about Bollinger Bands, go to the official Bollinger Bands website tutorial.

I am a new forex trader, where can I learn the basics for forex trader?
If you're new to forex trading, then you've come to the right place. BBForex now offers a forex "Basics" section.
This section includes information about forex basics in general, currency pricing factors, forex trading instruments, investment common sense and a glossary for all forex related keywords.

Discussion Board

How can I access the discussion board?
Click the Discussion Board link or type the url: You can view all comments without being a subscriber, but you will need to set up an account if you wish to ask a question, leave an answer to a discussion or post a comment.

How do I log in?
Your username and password are initially set to the same ones you use for your BBForex account.

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